Speciality Tapes

Quality SpecialityTapes manufacturing is our specialty. We produce a wide variety of tapes for custom & specialized applications. We also develop tapes based on the client’s specific requirements & parameters. Our Speciality Tapes are known for their pressure-sensitiveness, excellent finish, adhesion, and precise consistent thickness along with exceptional packaging.

Masking Tape

Also known as sticky tape, made of easy to tear paper, it is available in a variety of width. Ideal of finished trim and woodwork, primed & painted walls. It leaves no residue upon removal.

Floor Marking Tape

Designed to mark hazards, divide spaces, create aisles, or provide directions. These are made of highly durable material and has strong adhesion for long installation under rough usage.

DS Tissue Tape

Made from non-woven tissue paper coated on both sides with acrylic or hot melt rubber adhesive and laminated with release paper & hand tear-able, excellent & quick double stick with strong adhesive. Used in clothing, advertising, stationery, etc.

DS Polyester Tape

Made of solvent adhesive to withstand heat, cold, water, solvent, and high or low peel adhesion. It has a paper & polyester liner which unwinds smoothly to ensure an easy release. Easily bonds glass, wood, steel, foam, etc.

PVC Insulation Tape

Commonly known as electrical tape, used for insulating electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity. Made of vinyl, stretches well to give effective and long-lasting insulation.

DS Foam Tape

Economical, easy, and quick to apply, clean to use, adaptable, versatile, and consistent. Recommended for mounting mirrors, soap dispensers, hooks, wall mount pictures & multi applications. Automobile industry such as door sealing, strip. pedal & metal board.